Our Revised Enrollment Process

  1. Counselor creates student’s course request(s) in InformationLIVE (aka ILive).
    (ALSDE requires each student to complete the D2L Student Orientation (SO) module and earn a minimum 90% score on the SO Test BEFORE a course offer can be made in ILive.  The student only needs to complete the SO requirement once each academic year.)
    • If the student completed the SO requirement during the 2019-2020 academic year, the process moves to #4.
    • If the student has not completed the SO requirement, the process moves to #2.
  1. Student enrolled in the D2L SO module as soon as possible after request(s) created in ILive.  (Review D2L Student Login section below.)
  2. Student completes the SO module and SO Test with 90% or higher score (with no limit on SO Test attempts allowed).
  3. ALSDE makes student’s course offer(s) in ILive.
  4. Counselor accepts or rejects student’s course offer(s) in ILive.
  5. Student is enrolled in accepted course(s) during overnight ILive/D2L integration.


D2L Student Login (Username & Password)

  • Every student will login to D2L with a unique UserName and password.
  • A student’s UserName is usually their lastname. Students with common first and last names (e.g., John Smith, Kathy Jones) may have a two-digit number (e.g., 01, 02…18, etc.) added to the end of their firstname.lastname to make a unique student UserName for ACCESS.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to provide students with their correct UserNames.
    • Student Usernames must be provided by the school counselor.
    • Student UserNames are located in ILive by selecting ‘Students > Search ILive.’ To find a single Username, type the student’s last name in the Search Criteria Student field and click the Search Criteria Search button on the bottom right.  To view multiple student UserNames, just click on the Search Criteria Search button and page through the Search Results.
  • A student’s password is their UserNamemmddyy (where the mmddyy is replaced with the student’s date of birth).  For example:

UserName:  jane.doe05
Birthday:  12/25/01
Password:  jane.doe05122501

  • While students are no longer prompted to personalize their password once enrolled , they are provided an option to do so under “My Settings” on their D2L homepage. We find most students do not personalize their password.
  • If any student has difficulty logging in to D2L, phone the UA Support Center at 205-348-2647, or toll-free at 866-591-9998 for assistance.


Summer Suspension of Test/Exam Password Protections and Proctoring by School Staff

  • Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and related concerns for the health and safety of students, parents/guardians, school and ACCESS personnel, the ALSDE has determined ACCESS comprehensive Module/Unit Tests will not be password protected and school staff will not be required to proctor tests and exams for Summer School 2020.


Summer Students Not Eligible for Work In Progress (WIP) Extensions

  • The ALSDE has stated no requests by school staff for student Work In Progress (WIP) extensions will be considered for Summer School 2020.


IEP/504 Documentation

  • IEPs that expired during the spring will remain in effect for the duration of summer school.
  • Please enter the applicable accommodations into ILive as soon as possible when a student is enrolled in an ACCESS course.
  • The information can be entered by clicking on the student’s name in ILive and going to their IEP/504 tab.
  • Documents cannot be uploaded to this tab. PDFs do not copy correctly. You must copy/paste from a Microsoft Word type document using ctrl + c and ctrl + v, OR type the information in directly.
  • Required Information:
    • Pages documenting Special Education and Related Services
    • Signature page
  • IEP/504 data will be cleared out of ILive each year in preparation for the next school year.


UA ACCESS Support Center Contacts


Kim Huver
Program Assistant
Main Office: (205)-348-2647
Toll-free: (866) 591-9998
UA Tech Support
Main Line: (205) 348-9157
Toll-free: (866) 205-1011
June Cummings
Coordinator, Enrollment Services
Direct Line: (205) 348-2429
Jim Holliman
Coordinator, Enrollment Services
Direct Line: (205) 348-2407