How to Create ACCESS Student Orientation on your instance of Schoology

Getting access to the ACCESS Student Orientation Resources.

  1.  Login in to
  2. The ACCESS Student Orientation material is located within the Course Content group (this is the same group that contains the ACCESS Franchise material). Note: If you are already a member of this group, you can skip to Step II. Creating a Full Year Term for ACCESS Student Orientation.
  3. Place the following ACCESS Code and click Join.

Creating a Full Year Term for ACCESS Student Orientation.

  1. Click on Tools -> School Management
  2. Click Grade Settings on the left of the screen.
  3. Click + Add Grading Period on the right side of the screen.
  4. Create a grading period for Student Orientation that will run from Aug 1 to July 31.

Creating the Course

  1. Click courses in the top left corner, then click my courses
  2. On the right click create a course.
  3. Fill in the Create a Course form. Remember to use the Term you created above.
  4. Now click the Add Materials button.
  5. Click Import from Resources.
  6. On the left Click Group then under Group Resources Select Course Content. Check ACCESS Student Orientation.
  7. Press Import. Then Press Import Again.

Grade Setup and Mapping

  1. In the Student Orientation course that you created, select Grade Setup from the menu on the left
  2. Add a Category in Categories.
    The only Category needed is Orientation Test.
  3. Now click on Gradebook to map the assignment
  4. On the right side of the Gradebook click the three vertical dots and then click Bulk Edit
  5. You should only see one grade item. Change the category to Orientation Test. Then click Save Changes.
  6. Then click on the bread crumb above the words Bulk Edit.
  7. Now click on members to add students to the ACCESS Student Orientation 21-22 Class.
  8. To add students to the Student Orientation Class, click Add Members and select the students to enroll.
  9. After selecting the students to add, click Add Members.

We created a video to help you overcome a common error message.