Video can be embedded into your course, such as in the news, by uploading your videos to Google Drive. Note: you will need a Google account to upload your videos.


The following instructions outline the process for embedding videos that have been uploaded to Google Drive.

  1. Visit Google Drive
  2. To upload your file, select New in the top left corner.  Then select File upload.
  3. This will open the file browser.  Select your video and click Open.
  4. Your file will begin to upload and a progress window will be visible.  Once you file has finished uploading, you should see a confirmation.
  5. Your file will then appear in Google Drive.  You can open your video to view it.  Note: depending on the size of your video file, you might receive a message that your video is being processed.  If you receive this message, wait a few minutes and try again.
  6. To get a shareable link, click the menu button in the top right and select Share.
  7. Select Get shareable link.
  8. Ensure sharing is set to Anyone with the link can view.  Then, copy the link.  This link can be shared with students through any method of communication.
  9. Open a new browser window and paste the link that you copied.  This will open your video from the shared view.  To get the embed code to add the video to your course, click the menu button in the top right and select Embed item.
  10. Copy the embed code.
  11. To embed the video in your news, sign in to D2L and enter your course section.  Create a new news post (or edit an existing post).  Move your cursor to the location where the video should be added and select the Insert Stuff button .
  12. Select Enter Embed Code.
  13. Paste the embed code that you copied from earlier and click Next.
  14. This will show you a preview of you embedded video.  Note: You might see a message that the video was blocked, since it is coming from another website.  Check the box to Always trust this URL and the click Allow.
  15. Then click Insert to add your video to your news post.  Note: the video will display with a placeholder image until the news post is published.
  16. When you are finished with your news post, click the Publish button to make it available to students.