You can set up multiple pacing guides on your Course Homepage to account for students who are completing your course on different schedules.   The following instructions outline the process for creating multiple pacing guides and releasing them to students based on a group enrollment.

Part 1 – Creating Student Groups

  1. Select Users from the navigation bar and then Groups
    Navigation menu showing Users, Classlist
  2. Select New Category
    New Category
  3. Enter a category name, such as Pacing
    Enter a category name
  4. Make sure Enrollment Type is set to # of Groups – No Auto Enrollments
  5. Enter the number of groups you need in the Number of Groups field.  This should correspond to the number of pacing guides you will need to set up.
    Enter the number of groups
  6. Select Save
  7. You will then see a list with the groups you created.  Click the name of the group you wish to edit.
    Menu showing the groups that were created
  8. It is suggested to change the Group Name to a more descriptive title (this group title will be utilized to determine which pacing guide gets released in later steps)
  9. Select Enroll Users
  10. Place a check next to the name(s) of the students you wish to add to the group
    Student checkbox selection
  11. Click Save
  12. Repeat the enrollment process for each group you created (making sure to add a descriptive title to each group)


Part 2 – Pacing Guide Setup

  1. In the navigation bar, select Edit Course
    Edit Course
  2. Select Widgets
  3. Next to the Pacing Guide widget, select the double-page icon to copy
    Select the Copy icon
  4. Next to the original pacing guide, select the pencil icon to edit
    Select the Edit icon
  5. Rename the pacing guide to something more descriptive and select the Release Conditions tab
    Release conditions tab
  6. Select Create and Attach
  7. Under Condition Type, select Group Enrollment and then select the appropriate group under Condition Details.  Then click Create.  This will release the selected pacing guide to only the student(s) in the group you specified.
    Release condition settings that show Group Enrollment and the desired group
  8. Select the Content tab to edit the pacing guide as needed.  Save and Close when done.
    Content tab
  9. Repeat the process for each pacing guide you need.


Part 3 – Homepage Setup

  1. In the navigation bar, select Edit Course
    Edit Course
  2. Select Homepages
  3. Click the title of your active homepage to edit (usually Homepage w Orientation)
    Click the homepage title to edit
  4. Select Add Widgets in the area you wish to add the additional pacing guides
    Select the Add Widgets button in the same column as the original pacing guide
  5. Select each of the additional pacing guide widgets and click Add
    Add button
  6. Save and Close
  7. You can verify that your pacing guides are set up properly by impersonating students from different groups and viewing the course homepage.