The Special Access feature can be used to override the availability and timing settings of a quiz for specified users. Special Access is setup in the Restrictions tab of a quiz.

To set up Special Access for a Quiz:

  1. Go to the Quizzes section and click the quiz name.
  2. Select the Restrictions tab.
    Restrictions Tab
  3. In the Advanced Availability section, select Allow selected users special access to this quiz.
    Menu option with Allow selected users special access
  4. Click Add Users to Special Access.
    Button for Add Users to Special Access
  5. In the Special Access Properties section, adjust the availability and access settings where needed. You can adjust the following settings. (Note: Special Access Properties will override the default settings for the selected students.)
    • Availability dates
    • Time limit
    • Number of attempts allowed
      Options for availability, time limit, and number of attempts
  6. In the Users section, check the box next to each student that needs Special Access with the conditions set in step 5.  Note that you might see additional users listed with your students (ALSDE and Support Center personnel).  These additional users can be ignored.
  7. List of student users
  8. Then click Add Special Access to finalize the new settings.
    Button for Add Special Access
  9. This process can be repeated with different settings if you have students that need different levels of special access on the quiz.