ACCESS Support

Technical Support

Contact regarding:

  • Broken links
  • Images not displaying
  • Videos not playing
  • Content not loading

Schoology Support

Contact regarding:

  • Linking multiple accounts
  • Schoology login issues

PowerSchool Support

Contact regard

  • Grades not syncing
  • PowerTeacher Pro login issues

Academic Support

If you have questions about course content, enrollment, academic integrity, accommodations or other academic issues, ACCESS is here to help. Contact ACCESS Support Center for help with questions like these:

  • How can I accommodate my students with IEPs/504s?
  • How do I enroll a new student in an ACCESS course?
  • The school year has already started. Can I still enroll a student in an ACCESS course?
  • How can I add content or otherwise customize the ACCESS course I’m teaching?
  • As an ACCESS teacher, how can I address academic integrity issues?
  • As an ACCESS student, what counts as an academic integrity violation?
  • When is the drop date and how does it affect my students?
  • How do I find or change test passwords?
  • How do I contact my teacher or facilitator?