Course Offer List

General Information

All ACCESS courses maintain a high level of rigor and are available to all public and private school students in grades 6 – 12, including those in the state’s Department of Youth Services. Most of the courses are intended to be online equivalents of traditional high school classes. Expanded offerings, however, allow accelerated students to enrich their current curriculum by taking higher level courses that might not be offered at the school they attend.

Our course offerings page describes over 120 courses offered during the 10-month academic year (including AP, credit recovery, credit advancement, and NCAA approved classes) and over 40 summer school courses. We also offer a range of courses designed for 6th-8th graders.

AP Courses

Online Advanced Placement (AP) courses are taught by teachers who have had AP training and are experienced in AP teaching. Students have access to 11 AP courses and multiple course levels of five foreign languages. Similar to face-to-face AP classes, ACCESS AP courses are designed to be the equivalent of introductory college-level courses, and students taking them may receive college credit based on the score they receive on the AP exam.

Credit Recovery

ACCESS credit recovery courses are available to Alabama public school students in grades nine-12. Local districts/schools may enroll students in the ACCESS credit recovery course(s) at any time, and students may take all or half of a full credit course. Each learning module contains a pretest to determine the level of student mastery. If students score 70% or better, they continue to the next module. With a score of less than 70%, students must complete regular coursework for that module and complete a post-test in order to advance to the next module.