Point of Contact

Each school is assigned a program manager as its point of contact. The program manager will respond to any questions counselors have about ACCESS. These experts will provide onsite training for school personnel, students, and parents. To schedule time with your point of contact program manager, email Dawn Horn, Mike Snider and Mary Thompson.


Counselors should refer to the ACCESS policy guide for more information. The major responsibilities of the counselor are as follows:

  • Attend training provided by the regional support center
  • Provide information regarding ACCESS courses to students and parents
  • Ensure that students meet prerequisite requirements and possess necessary skills prior to registering them for ACCESS courses
  • Provide, within one week of enrollment in an ACCESS course, a list of students who are to receive special services to the respective support centers. It is imperative that the list and a copy of each student’s individualized plan is received promptly to ensure student success
  • Use the ACCESS student registration system to register students for ACCESS courses taught via videoconferencing instruction and web-based instruction and to withdraw them from such courses as needed
  • Report technical issues with student registration to the school system technology coordinator and appropriate support center staff/personnel
  • Notify the school administrator and the school system technology coordinator of software downloads needed for specific students and courses


What is ACCESS?

ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators and Students Statewide.

But what does that mean?

ACCESS is Alabama’s free public virtual learning program.

We provide free online and videoconferencing courses to students at public middle schools and high schools.

Students throughout the state of Alabama take ACCESS courses.

Our online classes can be taken any time, any place and at any pace.

Your child’s classes are taught by certified teachers, who guide your child through the course, answer questions, email your child and provide feedback on your child’s work.

ACCESS teachers will help your child succeed. Don’t be afraid to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

Your child’s school should assign an on-site facilitator to support your child.

The facilitator is a school employee who will assist with technical problems, watch over your child during tests and help them stay on task.

If you don’t know your child’s facilitator, ask the school guidance counselor.

In addition to following the teacher’s rules and policies, make sure your child follows the facilitator’s rules and policies.

If your child works hard in the class and communicates regularly with the teacher for feedback, advice and help, your child can succeed in the ACCESS course.

Now that you know what ACCESS is, feel free to contact your support center with any questions at 334-242-9594.