Dropping a Student

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How to Drop a Student No Longer in Your School

  1. If the student is transferring to another school in-state, do NOT drop the student’s CrossLEA enrollments.
  2. (Please read 1 again) PowerSchool has set up a procedure that (automatically, not instantly) moves the student record and any CrossLEA enrollments over to the new in-state school. The student’s CrossLEA enrollments will disappear from the visible regions of your PowerSchool instance but will remain in your system hidden until the entire student record and transferring process is complete. Then the CrossLEA enrollments will disappear, and you should see something like:
    Screenshot of transfer student record.
    If you drop their CrossLEA enrollments, all the student’s work will be lost, and they will have to completely start over in the new school/LEA. Only drop a student if you are 100% sure they have moved out of state OR if the student has done little or no work in the course. The new school will have to look at incoming transfer students’ CrossLEA enrollments and evaluate if they want the student to continue or move into a standard course. If they want to move them into a standard class, they will “Drop the students” to avoid duplicate grades in the grade book.
  3. (Please read 1 again) How to see a student that is no longer in your system. In PowerSchool on the start page, where you normally type the students name to search for them, add a “/” in front of their name.
  4. (Please read 1 again) Drop the student as you normally would.