Is ACCESS right for your students?

What Does It Take to be a Great ACCESS Student?

Characteristics of Students

Students and educators usually adapt rapidly to the virtual learning format. Many higher education institutions already have standard virtual learning courses. In general, more successful web-based learners are those who are independent learners, computer literate and effective communicators. Students should also be interested in the concept of online learning and be willing to ask for help and share virtual learning problems and/or concerns with others.

Student Behavior

Schools will ensure that students are respectful of the rights of others, that they behave responsibly in the classroom and that they properly handle and use all classroom equipment.

It is the responsibility of the local school administration to provide necessary support to maintain discipline in the physical classroom as well as in the virtual classroom. If a situation occurs where disciplinary action is required, it is expected that the local school administration will follow local school board policies as applicable.


It is the responsibility of the student’s local school administration to designate a contact person to facilitate all communication among the ACCESS teacher(s), support center personnel and/or SDE staff as appropriate. The contact person is responsible for coordinating any supplies or equipment needed for courses with support center personnel.