Current ACCESS Teachers

Technical Support

  • Schoology and PowerSchool Issues – Contact
    • Linking multiple accounts
    • Schoology login issues
  • Technical Support Issues – Contact
    • Broken links
    • Images not displaying
    • Videos not playing
    • Content not loading
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Teaching Resources

  • CAST (Connecting ACCESS Staff and Teachers)
    • You must have a Schoology account to access any of the features mentioned below. To access your Schoology account, log in at
    • Using CAST, teachers can find the following informational and tutorial items:
      • Supplemental reading and links for virtual learning tips.
      • Help Center with Schoology user guides, video tutorials and FAQs.
      • Schoology group chatrooms for teachers and staff only.
      • Discussion boards and content-specific blogs.
      • Content-specific group collaborative tools.
      • ACCESS training courses for teachers and facilitators.
      • Outside online training opportunities.
      • Ongoing professional learning modules.
      • ACCESS global announcements.
      • ACCESS teacher profiles.
      • Public resources for teacher-to-teacher sharing.
  • Open-source technology information.
    • Contact your ACCESS Support Center for instructions on how to join the relevant CAST groups.

Teacher Pay

Teacher pay is detailed in the linked document, and you can refer to our most recent pay schedule on our website or in CAST. The pay schedule is subject to yearly changes.

Teacher Policy Manual



My class isn’t showing up in Schoology.

Your class most likely has not been created yet. If possible, wait 24-48 hours and check again. If your course has already started and you are encountering this issue, contact your ACCESS Support Center.

My class doesn’t have any content.

Contact your ACCESS Support Center. Depending on the cause, the correct department will be assigned to address this issue.

My grades won’t sync.

Please refer to Schoology-PowerSchool SIS Grade Syncing Issues.

How do I recalculate grades?

You can find walk-throughs for recalculating grades in CAST.

Students are not showing up in my course.

Contact your ACCESS Support Center to address this issue.

How can I find out if my students have an individualized education plan?

Refer to CAST in Schoology for instructions on checking whether your students have an IEP.

How do I copy a test for accommodations?

Refer to this video on Implementing Accommodations on Quizzes and Tests in Schoology or to walk-throughs in CAST for instructions on copying tests for accommodations.

Who is my facilitator?

You can find a spreadsheet in CAST of facilitator assignments, or contact your ACCESS Support Center.

How do I determine where my students attend school?

You can find walk-throughs for determining where your students attend school in CAST.

Can I give bonus points?

Refer to our Bonus Point Policy.

Professional Opportunities

  • Teachers must participate in comprehensive professional development provided by ACCESS Virtual Learning that includes training in instructional methodologies and technical aspects of web-based course delivery. This training will be conducted by one of the three regional support centers selected to support the ACCESS program and must be completed prior to the beginning of initial teaching responsibilities.
  • Teachers are also expected to participate in required ongoing professional development activities in specific aspects of course delivery, as needed and scheduled by the regional support center serving each area of the state and/or the Alabama State Department of Education. This training may be conducted using face-to-face, virtual or web conferencing delivery.
  • Training modules include tutorials, learning management system user manuals, teacher discussion boards, resources, instructional videos and various other teacher tools and resources.
  • Additional web-based instruction, professional development and training opportunities are available in CAST.
  • ACCESS teachers employed for the entire school year (two terms/semesters) will be required to complete six different professional development modules. Teachers hired for only one term/semester will be required to complete three modules during the term of employment and three additional modules during any subsequent term of employment until all six of the required modules have been completed. Teachers must complete two additional modules per year if ACCESS employment is continued. Required and elective professional development modules are listed in the CAST area of the learning management system.