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How can I manage my time while taking an ACCESS course? Are there pacing guides?

Follow directions from your ACCESS teacher and facilitator to manage your time. Pacing guides are built into courses for each different term schedule.

Can I use notes on tests?

Test instructions for each test outline what is allowed. Check the individual test instruction and follow up with your teacher if you have questions about the testing policy for your specific course.

Where can I take tests for my ACCESS course?

While ACCESS students may work from almost any location, tests must be proctored by an ACCESS facilitator and must be started by the facilitator entering a test password. Remote proctoring must be approved by the ALSDE. Contact your facilitator or your school for questions about test proctoring and locations.

Where can I work on an ACCESS course?

Students may work on ACCESS courses at their school or at another location provided or approved by the school. Like in face-to-face courses, there may also be work students need to complete at home.